AIBIOS: Addressing Unmet Medical Needs

Akio Sato, Founder & CEO and Chao-Pin Lee, COO, AIBIOS Akio Sato, Founder & CEO and Chao-Pin Lee, COO
Lifestyle has a significant role to play when it comes to the physical and mental well-being of an individual. With the increasing diversification and change of lifestyles in modern society, the incidence and prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases, cancer, and dementia, insomnia, depression, allergies, and immune-related illnesses are steadily increasing. Also, new diseases have emerged from the interplay between the environment, diet, certain medications, genetic variables and an over-reactive immune response against normal bacteria in the gut. In the same vein, countries across the globe are witnessing a dramatic acceleration of new cases of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). The lack of drugs targeting mild to moderate IBD patients, increasing failure and no response rates of biologic treatment, and surging serious life-threatening infections are some of the pressing challenges that have turned IBD into a large unmet medical need.

Tokyo-based AIBIOS is changing this narrative. Acknowledging the fact that gut plays a significant role in managing human immune system and maintaining good health and more importantly preventing, treating and fighting various diseases, AIBIOS is committed to lead innovative therapeutic drugs to the world to find a cure to IBD and other complex diseases. “AIBIOS’s therapeutic approach is immune-modulation of both innate and adaptive immune cells to improve unbalanced immune system,” informs Akio Sato, Founder and CEO, AIBIOS. While current TNF blocker drugs and JAK inhibitors have serious side effects of suppressing the immune system, causing a high risk of infections, AIBIOS’s scientific data has demonstrated that the drug candidate has a unique chemical property to be effective locally in the gut.

Accelerating BIO Innovations

AIBIOS currently has programs in IND enabling study to treat IBD, optimization study for treating allergy-related respiratory diseases and COPD, and discovery study for treating micro-inflammation in the grain.
AIBIOS is working on three active programs to resolve unmet medical needs:

AIBIOS’s therapeutic approach is immune-modulation of both innate and adaptive immune cells to improve unbalanced immune system

AIB301: First-in-Class IBD drug with immune-modulation function to repair damaged membrane and with an anti-inflammation process to prevent recurrence then successfully reach to full remission.

AIB401: First-in-Class degenerative disease drug that suppresses micro-inflammation in the brain and modulating microglia.

AIB501: Best-in-Class respiratory drug that can suppress airway inflammation and allergic reactions caused by infections. Oral AIB501 reduces airway inflammation and tissue damage, along with improved lung function.

“A lot of past clinical treatment and trials have shown that there is still high barrier of curing diseases through local treatment pathway. AIBIOS’s research have shown that most of the diseases are associated with Gut flora which consists of more than 70 percent of immune cells, and drug candidates are capable of up regulating Treg cells, and suppressing pro-inflammatory cells with drug positioning of First-in-Class,” says Akio Sato.

AIBIOS’s drug candidate, AIB301, has the potential to not only improve damaged intestinal mucosal barrier through immune-modulation but also prevent the recurrence of IBD by suppressing inflammation pathway. AIBIOS has a series of novel biomarkers to support early phase of disease treatment as well as the observation of prognosis of remission. Aiming to target mild to severe IBD population, AIB301 reduces weight loss and colon shorting in pre-clinical Colitis models–T cell transfer induced disease. As AIBIOS translates AIB301 from pre-clinical into the clinical stage, the company is resolving the issues faced by pharmaceutical organizations through demonstrating in vivo study of eliminating critical side effect caused by marketed drugs, developing healing function of mucosal membrane, and designing in oral administration for the ease of patients’ use.

The unique MoA in immunomodulation of both innate and adaptive system, first-in-class IBD novel small molecule drug developed from discovery to clinical phase, and first-in-class COPD novel small molecule drug have placed AIBIOS at the forefront of solving complex challenges in the medical field. Besides, the improved safety profile and broad applications of indications (published proof of principles in Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, COPD, emphysema, dementia, multiple sclerosis, dermatology, and immune-related diseases) add to the advantages the company brings to the table.

Moving ahead with headquarters in Japan and a subsidiary in the U.S., AIBIOS plans to expand its presence in Taiwan and other countries in Asia. Currently, the company is in talks with major pharmaceutical and biotech organizations in the U.S. and Europe for collaboration and co-development in clinical trials as well as fusing technology and library for the expansion of R&D in diversified pipeline development with other therapeutic indications. To incorporate IT/digital technology into Biotech to improve the quality of life for the people living with diseases, AIBIOS will soon utilize AI and quantum computing technology for designing a digital platform focused on early diagnosis and prevention of disease progression.
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Tokyo, Japan

Akio Sato, Founder & CEO and Chao-Pin Lee, COO and Hsiao-Chun Cheng, CSO

AIBIOS is developing novel drugs from immunomodulation to transform patient care