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Top 10 Biotech Startups in APAC - 2019

With each passing year, biotechnology is evolving into a highly developed and innovative industry. This year, the biotech industry will reach the early stages of what has been popularly termed as a ‘renaissance in healthcare.’ Breakthroughs in science are making highly personalized medicine a reality, and new approaches that harness the immune system to fight serious diseases are being regularly developed.

The application of genome editing stretches from drug discovery and gene alteration to the fighting of specific medical ailments and syndromes. In the future, genome editing could revolutionize biotech by amplifying human capacities for smell or introducing something new like night vision.

Organs-on-chips have emerged as a preferred technology for studying the behavior of tissues and organs outside of the human body, due to their customizability, miniature scale, and capability to be combined in smart ways. These “on-a-chip” methods have become quite popular, and the concept is being extended to all manner of in vivo systems.

Wearable medical devices, which detect and continuously monitor human physiology wirelessly, are emerging as a new platform for consumer products. While the initial applications of wearable devices are in activity tracking, they have been developed to collect physiological data for medical purposes. Wearable medical devices have emerged as a fast-growing market worldwide, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

This edition of StartupCity features companies that are at the forefront of offering biotech solutions like Varinos, PlexBio, and CircleDNA. StartupCity’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that solve biotech challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. We present to you – “Top 10 Biotech Startups in APAC – 2019”.

    Top Biotech Startups in APAC

  • A leading provider of high quality biomaterials in the market, ABT offers next-generation ‘3D printing total solutions’ for medical applications and superior, medical-grade filaments with adjustable degradation time for R&D in tissue engineering and medical implants. Its flagship product, MeDFila, constitutes a range of biodegradable filaments that are available in two different grades—R&D grade, and Medical (R&D) grade—to proactively meet the specific medical requirements through the early stages of prototyping, designing, or manufacturing of medical devices and implants. ABT's highly modularized and flexible printing solutions are supplemented by a quality consultation service to ensure effective adoption of 3D printing across various medical specialties such as plastic surgery, orthopedics, and cardiovascular

  • Braizon Therapeutics is a biotechnology company with a unique and versatile drug delivery system for the central nervous system which it licenses and utilizes for the development of medicines for neurological disorders

  • Circle DNA’s state-of-the-art Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) Technology, to consistently generate accurate genetic data by conducting a full scan on all protein-coding genes, analysing all mutations that may contribute to an individual’s health, providing them with more comprehensive and accurate results. The company then translates scientific knowledge of the human genome into practical information to explain customers about their health traits based on their unique DNA, from your cancer and disease risk, optimal diet and nutrition, family planning, and much more

  • ExoCoBio Inc., based in South Korea, is a renowned cosmeceutical & biopharmaceutical company, dedicated to develop products based on stem cell-derived exosomes for regenerative aesthetics and medicine. By actively developing cosmeceuticals, regenerative medicine, and cosmetic medical devices, they believe that they could generate more benefits for people through their truly effective exosome-based products in the fields of regeneration, rejuvenation, anti-inflammation, and anti-aging. ExoCoBio has developed a patented exosome isolation technology, ExoSCRT™, which assures high-purity, stability, safety, productivity, and even efficient exosome-based products to the market. The company has also developed ASCE+ SRLV-S, the cell-free cosmetics for skin rejuvenation, regeneration, and anti-inflammation based on exosome and ExoSCRT™ technology

  • FIMECS is a biotech firm developing a new class of drugs based on targeted protein degradation for the currently ‘undruggable’ targets in immuno-oncology and oncology areas. FIMECS’ solution, RaPPIDS includes two steps, which are the lead generation stage and optimization stage for protein degradation.For the purpose of lead generation,FIMECS has prepared and stocked “Ready to conjugate probe library” containing proprietary E3 bindersin order to quickly prepare20~50 compounds by conjugating with the probe libraryto target protein binders. After identification ofthe best E3 ligase binder and appropriate linker lengthfor thetarget protein, FIMECS moves to the next step for the lead optimization

  • With an aim to simplify the entire process of DNA and RNA extraction, UK based MicroGEM—experts in enzymatic discovery and reagent development—came to the fore with a temperature-controlled enzymatic extraction (TCE) approach. MicroGEM’s transformative approach to effortless sample preparation is based on a unique portfolio of novel enzymes. To obtain DNA and RNA samples, MicroGEM’s PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor brings together powerful proteinases and mesophilic cell wall degrading enzymes from extremophiles—organisms that thrive in extreme environments—using an innovative extractor cartridge. The closed-tube system is then used to lyse cells, destroy nucleases, digest proteins, and release nucleic acids

  • PHASE Scientific is a biotechnology start-up that has developed a ground-breaking sample preparation technology that the company believes will change the landscape in diagnostics and healthcare management: from focusing on treatment to prevention, and from knowledge and technology for only a few to access for many. Founded by scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles, PHASE Scientific’s innovative technology has the vast potential to disrupt different areas of diagnostics with its superior ability to extract and enrich target molecules effectively by 10-100 folds, in turn making these molecules easier to detect. These benefits are extremely useful for markets using sample preparation kits for downstream diagnostic processes, including molecular diagnostic service providers, hospitals, and research institutes

  • PlexBio has developed a cutting-edge multiplexing platform using its patented Precision Image Code (πCodeTM) MicroDisc technology, which is a circular disc with a diameter of 40 microns and is capable of generating 16,000 circular image patterns. The IntelliplexTM platform enables a broad range of genetic analysis, including the company’s focus in cancer diagnostics. Each MicroDisc has a distinct circular image pattern and corresponds to the identity of a specific capture agent conjugated to the disk surface, allowing the capture and detection of specific analytes from a sample. Virtually any probe used in clinical diagnostics can be conjugated to the MicroDisc, including DNA, RNA, antigens, antibodies, and other proteins

  • Varinos Inc. provides genome analysis development and contracts analysis services using the latest technology, the next-generation sequencer. The company accepts inspections at the Varinos Shinagawa Laboratory, which has been registered as a health inspection station. The company carries out its quality check (QC) at key points of the inspection process and thoroughly control the quality. With a focus on the reproductive health space, the company currently provides PGT-A and Endometrial Microbiome test for infertility to the hospitals. Using these genomic technologies, the company improves pregnancy rates and lowers miscarriage rate. Through its collaborative researches, the company has helped many infertile patients to conceive after prebiotic interventions based on the tests

  • Legend Biotech

    Legend Biotech

    Dedicated to quality and driven by excellence, Legend Biotech committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide. We are steadfast in our goal to develop innovative cellular therapies that bring us closer to a cure. From the very beginning, it focused on the science. This company together as a team of experts, committed to quality, driven by excellence, and dedicated to experimentation. Though it faced many challenges, it remained fearless in our research and rigorous in our thinking, pushing ourselves to work harder