SPARK Biopharma: Breaking New Ground in Phenotypic Drug Discovery

Top 10 BioTech Startups in APAC - 2021

Technology has always been at the heart of biotech. The emergence of advanced computing technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence enables companies to expand the scope and scale of their research and improve efficiency in the manufacturing process. In addition, the evolution of cloud computing technology has removed a barrier for many innovations in biotech. The ability to run applications through the cloud allows companies to store and analyze data without investing in expensive computer hardware.

Today, clinical trials have been heavily digitized, enabling biotech companies to test treatments on more patients in less time. Machine learning technology also promises to enable biotech companies to quickly analyze data from current trials to predict the effectiveness of treatments down to the molecular level. They can also revisit data from previous trials to see if anything may have been missed or if there may be new or different uses for an existing drug. For agricultural applications, gene editing can produce more resistant crop varieties and produce higher yields. The development of biological pesticides can protect crops without the use of harmful chemicals or environmental damage.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced biotech offerings. To help companies navigate the best-of-breed biotech solution providers, StartupCity magazine has compiled a list of “Top 10 Biotech Startups in APAC - 2021.” Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you StartupCity magazine’s “Top 10 Biotech Startups in APAC - 2021.”

    Top BioTech Startups in APAC

  • The company is introducing the next generation anticancer treatment that harnesses the energy metabolism of cancer cells

  • As a pharmacology, chemistry, and proteomics-focused research organization, the company was founded to provide a new solution for enhancing human health by transferring the revolutionary technology platform established at Seoul National University’s CRI centre for Chemical Proteomics to the real-world drug discovery process. The company leverages three technology platforms developed by CEO Park to address the hurdles and produce novel medications based on low molecular weight molecules. These include ‘pDOS,’ which increases molecular diversity, ‘Seoul-Flour,’ a fluorescent probe technique that detects phenotypic alterations selectively, and ‘FITGE,’ a technology that identifies target proteins to reveal the mechanism of action of new drug candidates

  • Chimeric Therapeutics

    Chimeric Therapeutics

    Chimeric Therapeutics is the ASX leader in cell therapy. As the only clinical stage, cell therapy biotechnology company in Australia, Chimeric focus is on discovering, developing and commercialising novel cell therapies with the most curative potential for patients. The company believes cellular therapies has got the promise to cure cancer

  • CytoAurora


    CytoAurora Biotechnologies, Inc.(Cytoaurora) is a biotechnology company focused on developing assays for “Liquid Biopsy” by providing high accuracy, cost effective and fully automated system. The company has an expertise R&D team consisting of Biomedical sciences, Electronics engineers, Automation engineers and Semiconductor process engineers and aggressively driven the strong cross-field integration ability

  • Digizyme


    Innovates at the intersection of science, technology, art and learning to create accurate and effective visual context for understanding science

  • Genesystem


    Genesystem is a biotech engineering company based in South Korea and specializing in ultra-fast PCR platforms and biochip based molecular diagnostic systems to mainly target point-of-care molecular diagnostic applications. Genesystem is relatively new but fast growing company with unique and advanced molecular diagnostic platform technologies which make its products innovative and cost effective. Product portfolio of Genesystem includes GENECHECKER series of PCR platforms and SMARTCHEK series of diagnostic assays. As KINPEX 2013 Presidential prize awarded company and INNOPOLIS research institute spin-off company, Genesystem is striving for the value of its investors and clients in world-wide market

  • Hummingbird Bioscience

    Hummingbird Bioscience

    Hummingbird Bioscience is a clinical-stage biotech company founded in 2015 by a team of interdisciplinary scientists with a shared belief that there is a better way to deliver a new generation of transformative precision medicines. Hummingbird harnesses powerful, cutting-edge approaches to systems biology and data science to better understand disease mechanisms and how to treat these, through the development of rationally engineered precision biotherapeutics

  • Kintaro Cells Power International

    Kintaro Cells Power International

    Kintaro's goal is to accumulate the most advanced bio-cultivation and medical technologies from around the world, collaborate with international industry leaders, establish its own medical institutions, and develop innovative medical products

  • LianBio


    LianBio’s mission is to catalyze the development and accelerate availability of paradigm-shifting medicines to patients in China and other major Asian markets through partnerships that provide access to innovative therapeutic discoveries

  • Varinos


    As genome experts, Varinos help doctors understand and conclude genomic test results